This Site: Samuel Killermann Curriculum Vitae

How to use this site, how I made this site, and why.

Every Shirt is Political

Shirts, stencils, and prints that bring the protest to your everyday.


Facilitating XYZ

A free online resource for all facilitators with articles, videos, and downloads


The Sexualitree

An approachable way to look at something we all experience — and all the different ways we do.

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I'm Restructuring Everything

I’m writing from a coffee shop in Austin, TX where I just spent two hours trying to get this site to deploy on Netlify. Annnnd success? Success. This site is part of a huge life restructuring I’m currently undertaking. I wrote about it on my blog, but here’s the highlighted version: My primary org (hues) dissolved in its original vision at the beginning of this year I’m no longer with a speaking/talent agency (for the first time in half a decade) And as a result, I’ve started to rethink everything I do, mostly in the “Can I, and/or do I want to, keep doing this thing?...